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200 Yoga Teacher Training School in Goa India

Shiva Shakti Yoga Teacher Training India

Shivashaktiyoga is a traditional yoga school. Our aim is to spread the divine energy of yoga in its purist traditional form. Yoga practice is not only a practice of asana or pranayama but a way of life. Here at our Yoga Teacher Training Course India we practice yoga to be physically fit, mentally strong & emotionally balanced. Our 200 hour Yoga teacher training course in India is based on scientific and holistic approach. Hatha Yoga teacher training course will give the students a strong platform for serious yoga seekers.
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Traditional Yoga School in Goa India

Our Yoga Teacher Training Course India Methodology

Our Yoga teacher training courses in India are designed for all age groups from beginners to advance. We have a fixed system in our preaching curriculum. The curriculum is set as per the traditional ashram teachings. We concentrate on overall subject like asana, pranayama, philosophy, meditation and Mantra chanting. ShivaShaktiYoga yoga teacher training course gives a seeker a new mind set to search his or her own self in the divine path of yoga.
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Traditional Yoga School in Goa India
Traditional Hatha Yoga Teacher Training school in India

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course India

200 hours yoga teacher training course offers you complete up gradation in your current knowledge and practice of yoga. 200 hour yoga teacher training course format will add deep knowledge and understanding of yoga. It will also enhance your soft skills & teaching methodology.
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Yoga Meditation Retreat Holidays in India Goa

Yoga Holiday Retreats in India

Yoga has been a treasure of India for years. In recent times it has become more popular in west. With growing stressful life, yoga has become a boon as a lifestyle for good health. Traditionally in India, yoga is practiced to attain self realization, a way to get into meditative practices.
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Yoga Meditation Retreat Holidays in India Goa

Yoga Teacher Training India - Reviews

200 Hr. Yoga Teacher Training Course
1st May to 25th May, 2016
Koyna Nagar, Maharashtra, IN
INR 80,000/-
(Including accommodation & food)
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