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Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Methodology at Shakti Yoga carries holistic approach that covers a wide horizon yoga methods and modules along with deep philosophical aspect of learning Yoga.

Shakti Yoga – we are India based school that offers Traditional Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Courses. We offer 200 hours YTTC and 300 hours YTTC (Yog Alliance RYT). Our foundation and advanced courses have transformed more than 400 lives and have enabled many to become successful Yoga Teachers.

The spiritual texts from the ancient times indicates that the knowledge of hatha yoga was passed on by to his feminine adobe Parvati. Parvati approached as a seeker and asked her to show the path which can free the humanity of its sufferings. in response to her request empowered her with the knowledge of hatha yoga – the science of hatha yoga.

For a true seeker there is plenty to learn just from the legend on how the science of hatha yoga came into existence but to begin with we will highlight just a couple of aspects that are integral to our Yoga Teacher Training methodology at Shakti Yoga as well as the master key for the seekers to ensure correct, successful, progressive personal and professional practice. The legend indicates towards that the seeker should imbibe a feminine attitude (elaborated explanation will be available to the students through the pre-course material made available at request as a part of Shakti Yoga teacher training methodology) while seeking and the yoga seekers should pursue this knowledge for personal wellbeing but evolve themselves to become teachers who spread this knowledge to all mankind.

 Shakti Yoga Teacher Training School - Goa

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Methodology – Physical Advancement Methods

Hatha Yoga is one of the most ancient practices and it takes the seeker to the root of all yogic practices that have evolved in recent times. In Hatha Yoga practice the yoga asanas are performed in a static manner. The emphasis is on laying a strong foundation about developing the core strength of the body, understanding the body and attaining to near perfect body postures. In this process the seekers are empowered and enriched with asana techniques that can propel their existing practice to new heights as well as enable them to experience greater benefits from the asanas that they have been practicing till date.

While performing asanas breathing (inhalation, exhalation and retention) is very important and in the static forms mastering these breathing patterns, getting control over the breath and integrating the breathing technique while performing asanas becomes easy which in turn can be carried on, applied by the seeker in the dynamic forms of yoga asana practice. The energy flow within the body, the involvement of the chakras and the effects on the major nadis (energy channels) in the body of the seeker in this form of yoga asana practice is unbelievable.

Hatha Yoga is the science that enables the seeker transcend the physical realm and hence along with the asanas we give equal importance to the other aspects which enrich the seeker which are pranayama, mudra, bandha, mantra chanting, kriya, dharana, dhyan, yoga anatomy and philosophy. It is the initiation that leads to the spiritual evolution and hence we have taken into account the physical, physiological, emotional, intellectual, moral as well as spiritual aspects while designing the 200 hours and 300 hours Teacher Training Programs.

Hatha Yoga TeacherTraining Methodology & Aim

All our teachers and all the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Methodology that we imbibe in our Teacher Training Courses has one aim and that is to ensure that by the end of the course the seekers should reveal themselves as the gurus. Teaching is a higher and deeper way of learning which comes only when the seeker learns to unconditionally trust, believe and surrender to the guru. Our teachers have done so in their guru’s and we install the same trust, belief and emotion of surrender in our students.

We invite all the seekers to experience this Divine Path of Hatha Yoga with Shakti Yoga in the land from where it originates - India.