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Meditate and Liberate

Immerse yourself in meditation, explore the deep layers of your mind with Shiva Shakti Yoga at our meditation retreats

Why meditation retreat?

Everyone knows that the practice of meditation relaxes the mind and helps you live your life in a healthy way. The vast benefits of meditation are known to almost everyone. Our approach to meditation at Shiva Shakti Yoga is traditional, we teach traditional meditation techniques in a way which helps you to fix deeper layers of your mind.

What is special about this retreat?

What are you taking back?

A meditation retreat is a detox for your mind as well as body, retreat experience helps you to adopt changes and learn new things about yourself. It helps you to get back to a healthy life experience, setting you back in a healthy routine.


If you would like to join for the yoga retreat between 1st October till 31st May, kindly write us at


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