Rediscover Yourself On The Shores Of River Ganges: Yoga In Rishikesh

Rishikesh is without a doubt one of the most spectacular and beautiful cities in India. This city is renowned for its dazzling locations and peaceful environment. But if you thought that is all the city can offer, you are highly mistaken! Rishikesh is titled as the ‘Yoga capital of the world’. It is a general belief that if you meditate in Rishikesh, you go one step closer to attaining eternal salvation or ‘moksha’.

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Love is the path and the ego is the hindrance

Without love one simply drags oneself’ somehow on the path

Path: Without love one simply drags oneself’ somehow. Life is a burden ‘Without love there is nothing worthwhile’ how can you dance? For what? there is nothing to feel joyous about and nothing to feel grateful for. If you try to dance your dance will be false and phony and it will simply tire you. It will not nourish you, it will not rejuvenate you.

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Dove is getting free

Freedom of love

Freedom of Love, To be in love is to be surrounded by dangers.

Love & Freedom: The greater the love, the greater the danger, because the society is not for love. The society does not want people to be loving. Love seems to be dangerous for all the establishments ‘the church, the state’ because whenever people are in deep love they become individuals.

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Balancing Rocks

Yoga – The Balancing Act

The Balancing Act of Yoga

For many people yoga is spiritual and for many it is physical. But for many it is just discovering self, to discover your own limits, to experience the is just a stage of being one. The most important aspect that has come to me in realization is to be an observer.

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Yoga Teacher teaching to students

Life of a Yoga Teacher

Some people feel Yoga teaching is a bewitching and rousing job. It materializes that they have abundant enthusiasm and can perform Yoga all day long. But in reality, that’s actually not the case. Just like all other jobs, teaching yoga is a job too. Following explained are some of the actualities of life of a Yoga instructor.
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Yogi doing meditation the beach of goa

Goa the Spiritual Land

What Goa is?

Goa, simply beautiful place as the winter has stepped in, most of the tourists from globe as they consider staying in goa is for night party, drinking alcohol, smoking Marijuana, and indulging the senses and entertaining the mind with it’s unending desires, one is forgetting the spiritual aspect and supportive energy for the inner journey provided by mother nature in this incredible peaceful land.

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