Dove is getting free

Freedom of love

Freedom of Love, To be in love is to be surrounded by dangers.

Love & Freedom: The greater the love, the greater the danger, because the society is not for love. The society does not want people to be loving. Love seems to be dangerous for all the establishments ‘the church, the state’ because whenever people are in deep love they become individuals.

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Love is the path and the ego is the hindrance

Without love one simply drags oneself’ somehow on the path

Path: Without love one simply drags oneself’ somehow. Life is a burden ‘Without love there is nothing worthwhile’ how can you dance? For what? there is nothing to feel joyous about and nothing to feel grateful for. If you try to dance your dance will be false and phony and it will simply tire you. It will not nourish you, it will not rejuvenate you.

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Balancing Rocks

Yoga – The Balancing Act

The Balancing Act of Yoga

For many people yoga is spiritual and for many it is physical. But for many it is just discovering self, to discover your own limits, to experience the is just a stage of being one. The most important aspect that has come to me in realization is to be an observer.

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Woman doing meditation yoga on the beach

Awareness – A Self-Start Mechanism

Mindfulness & Awareness is a gift of self-start mechanism to human race.



It’s a perfect hurdle in awareness, when we allow our life to be driven by pleasure and fear that simply means we are too much concerned to ourselves all the time. We are egocentric. Ego is being nurtured, is being flourished wonderfully so that we loose the consciousness and never let the awareness drive our life. Those are fortunate who have a blissful life that is driven simply by knowledge.

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Nurturing And Fostering the Soul

Need for a soul to be Nurtured & Fostered


Left on its own, everything naturally decays. To reach and maintain a level of excellence, everything and every soul needs a subtle kind of rearing and upbringing, training and education. Everything in the universe, both living and lifeless, contains a hidden potential of greatness that needs to be fostered.

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Couple doing love sign with hands

Unconditional love

In reality, only the lover is rich, nobody else. Only the lover can be rich, and nobody else; all other riches are substitutes for unconditional love. Because people cannot love, are afraid of love, are not courageous enough to love, are not intelligent enough to go on that adventure, they start loving stupid things: somebody loves a house. somebody loves money, somebody loves power politics.

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OSHO Vision


Osho Vision : Osho philosophy asks to think of yourself as divine and think of everybody else also as divine. It is not a fiction, it is the reality. Except for god, all are fictions, except for god, everything else is a dream of the mind; only god is. Hence, if we follow the mind, we are never contented, because dreams cannot nourish. They are beautiful when you are far away; when you come closer, disappointment and nothing else is in your hands.

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