What is Mindfulness?

Maintaining every perception of a situation like bodily sensations, thought, fondness and surrounding ambience is nothing but Mindfulness. Mindfulness involves acceptance of bodily sensations, fondness; means that attention is paid irrespective of judging them or believing them. Mindfulness is an uncomplicated word. It simply suggests that the mind is fully concentrating to what is happening around.

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Couple doing meditation on the beach

How Yoga helps Relationships

Yoga has been helping to calm and relax the mind and body since ages. Many new benefits have been discovered as the yoga practice has been modified from time to time. Practicing yoga helps in gaining deep knowledge of yoga & meditation and also gets the experiences through their teachings with love, compassion and wisdom. There is a realization in many ways in beings and their connection to breath and spiritual life.


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Girl doing pranayama


Predominantly controlling breath is nothing but Pranayama. The word Pranayama is comprised of two Sanskrit words Prana which means life force and ayama which means to suppress the Prana. Implementation done deliberately on the breathing techniques in order to alter it for getting the desired results. It is a yogic discipline with origins in ancient India.

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Dhayana Mudra of Buddha

Mudra and Bandha

Knowing Mudra and Bandha


Mudra is a Sanskrit word which means gesture or attitude. Establishment of a strong and exceptional spirit patterns which are homogeneous to electric circuits for creating a particular position of the hands and the body is a Mudra.

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Yogic Food

Food discipline of yoga


According to Sage Patanjali ‘Yoga’ is a discipline which unifies mind and body and brings cessation to mental tendencies. Yogic Diet is an integral part of yoga and human existence. In the light of Indian philosophy diet is considered as a sacred entity. Taittariya Upanishad says, “Annat purushah”: The individual grows out of the food that he takes. Shrimadbhagvad Gita, the fountainhead of Indian school of thought considers diet as ‘Yuktaahar’ which means balanced diet.

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