Goa the Spiritual Land

What Goa is?

Goa, simply beautiful place as the winter has stepped in, most of the tourists from globe as they consider staying in goa is for night party, drinking alcohol, smoking Marijuana, and indulging the senses and entertaining the mind with it’s unending desires, one is forgetting the spiritual aspect and supportive energy for the inner journey provided by mother nature in this incredible peaceful land.

What Goa Really Is!!

So many powerful temples, gods, goddess, places pouring their energy and blessing for the spiritual seekers and yoga practitioners. Goa is not just to entertain our wild mind but to enlighten our soul to experience the infinite consciousness within.


The land offers plenty of peace and nature for one to indulge and concentrate on the spirituality. Goa is considered to be the best place after Rishikesh for pursuing yoga, there are so many transforming journeys that have started here. The nature offers calm breeze pleasant green fields, golden sand, Sea shores and waves, when in the state of awareness or meditation one is able to see through the desires as each of the natures aspect teaches how to live life. how to set your soul free and live the life to the fullest.


This place is beyond the joy of material things and it has a lot to offer for the seeker, today yoga schools have their yoga centers based out of goa and offer various courses like 200 Hour Yoga teacher training course, 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, 500 Hour Yoga Teacher training course, Beach Yoga Classes, Drop-in Classes. When one looks at this place as a travel destination, there is certainly more that it offers to a seeker than expected.


My deep and respectful salutations to this holy land of transformation and consciousness, jai Gomantaka.


Om Namah Shivaya

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