Life of a Yoga Teacher

Some people feel Yoga teaching is a bewitching and rousing job. It materializes that they have abundant enthusiasm and can perform Yoga all day long. But in reality, that’s actually not the case. Just like all other jobs, teaching yoga is a job too. Following explained are some of the actualities of life of a Yoga instructor.

Kudos to the teachings of Yoga teacher:

Leading a variety of people and expecting them to perform the right execution is sometimes a tiring thing as it is hardly possible for some to follow the right steps easily. Watching the truthfulness and sincerity of some learners brings the confidence in the yoga teacher too for their further teachings but also analysing some powerless learners, who don’t even give it a try to get the right moves is a really frustrating situation.

Philanthropy is of utmost importance:

Yoga teachers are humans too and learners should understand this. Instructors are not a machine who is perfect or can perform well every time. Of course, as a part of job they try hard to give their best each and every time. But there are days when they don’t feel like performing or is irritated by some things or being surrounded by a tragedy. But still they never give up and end up with being beneficial to the learners. Once they start up they just forget everything and get themselves engrossed in to their work just to serve the beginners. The learners should just try to keep their calm as teaching Yoga to a group is not at all a easy task.

Delightment on Students Progression:

The feeling of a Parent when their child achieves something is shared by these Yoga instructors too. They feel proud and their happiness knows no bounds when they see their student performing well; that is the salary they get in non monetary terms after watching their students achieving new milestones.

Teaching Special students is a big task:

It is always easy to teach yoga to students who are physically fit and is young, as they can implement the postures accurately and also don’t face many injuries. There is no need to pay a lot of attention to this crowd of people hence some Yoga teachers prefers only these types of students. But the gratification comes only when yoga is thought to those who actually need it. Those who have physical limitations and illness, such students when perform the right asanas and is benefited by this yoga teaching are far more pleasurable.

Students having special energies:

There are students who have those special energies which lightens the whole class. Those classes turn out to be the great ones because of the amazing energy they get with them. The yoga teacher feels blessed when the students not only come to take the energy from the class but also get energy with them and share it equally with all the fellow counterparts. Each and every student has energy within them; it turns out to be a great offspring only when it is mixed together. What one gives is not important, what one gets back is of utmost importance.

Yoga – A Passion:

Passion is what urges a Yoga instructor to teach yoga. Not money, but passion for yoga connects the teacher with the students. A Yoga teacher also spends money for their yogic training, development of skills and techniques to serve other aspiring yoga students. They do this only because they wish to share this beautiful gift of yoga practice to all those who need it. When a class is done or when a Yoga teacher is done with his/her teachings for the day, all he/she wishes is to get back home and play a normal role i.e. a Mother, a wife, a husband or a father etc.

Creating a community which helps to grow more:

Making new contacts and creating new friendships helps to create a community. Formation of a Community is an important part of the practice. In communities one can share joys and sorrows, and find strength when in weak state and share strength when others need it. It is rightly said, ‘one learns more and grows more – together’.


That’s what a life of a Yoga teacher is all about. Irrespective of what one has a picture of!!  

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