Spiritual Practices

Rishis (Saints) testify that the following Spiritual Practices, individually and collectively, lead the Soul to higher consciousness and even ultimate freedom:

  • Panch Mahaa Yajna – Five Daily Duties
  • BrahmaYajna – Sandhyaa Meditation
  • Deva Yajna – Havan-Agnihotra
  • Pitri Yajna – Serving Parents and Elders
  • Atithi Yajna – Serving Guests
  • Bhoot Yajna – Taking care of animals


During the act of Sandhyaa-Meditation, the aspirant withdraws all scattered energies and focuses them in his epicenter, the Heart, where Soul and God reside. Explaining the method of such withdrawal, Katha Upanishad 1:3:13 teaches that a wise man must stabilize his Tongue and other Senses in his Mind, his Mind in his Intellect, the Instrument of Knowledge. He should stabilize his Intellect in his own Soul that is filled with great powers. He should finally surrender his own Soul in God, the Supreme Soul filled with Peace.

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