What is Yogic Healing?

Yogic Healing: Now a days due to the current way of people living their lives, leaves many behind in requirement of some kind of healing. If compatibility lacks in to our lives, suffering arises and hence need of healers arises. And in today’s world there is a rapid increase of such sufferings, leading to increase of healers too.

The best way of healing is Yogic healing.

Yogic healing is an ancient Indian science. Ailing persons was cured with Yogic healing by the yogis of India almost thousands of years ago. The yogis had tremendous knowledge and by esoteric meditation and spiritual practices, they attained yog siddhis. Thus with the help of their spiritual energies they use to cure people. There are seven different Chakras in our body. Chakras can be regarded as the energy centres in the body that regulate our metabolism and bodily functioning. A little malfunctioning in any of these seven chakras causes a great damage to the body thus causing diseases in that part of the body.


Yogic healing activates and cleans the seven chakras through divine spiritual energies. A medieval and sacred mastery attained by the spiritual yogis by following meditation for many years is nothing but Yogic healing. Yogic healing works in three steps:

  1. Awakening of the Chakras
  2. Eradication of the Contamination
  3. Healing including rejuvenation of the cells


The first stage comprises of medieval sacred energies working within the body of the suffering. Flowing through the entire body thus awakening them. The energy centres of the body i.e. the Chakras are thus activated with these energies. The virgin salubrious symmetry of the body is restored by the Chakras by stabilizing and activating it.


The second stage comprises of eradication of the contamination from its genesis. It enhances the immune system of the body. Thus by these sacred spiritual powers a body’s customary functioning is reimposed and correcting any deformity in the biological process. A comprehensive virgin method of healing.


The third stage comprises of newly established cells and the destruction generated by the infection is thus healed. The entire renovation of the body’s infected systems is done in this stage.


Yoga Therapy can help with a wide range of conditions from chronic fatigue to hormone imbalances, obesity related problems and fertility. It provides integrated recovery from common muscular-skeletal ailments and conditions such as chronic back pain (including bulging, herniated, slipped or prolapsed discs), joint injuries, scoliosis, arthritis, osteoporosis and more.


Not only does Yoga Therapy help remove toxins, it can also can help dissipate tension and anxiety, enabling patients to enjoy a greater sense of ease and wellbeing. Over time, practitioners develop an ability to shift into a more relaxed state in the midst of stressful situations.


One should prefer Yogic healing than any other physical therapies. There are three key aspects of Yoga Therapy that set it apart from many other physical therapies:

  • Its holistic approach
  • Its focus on linking breath-work and mindfulness in each moment, or movement, encouraging peace and equanimity
  • The way in which it releases and liberates the mind and emotional state while restoring the physical body


Healing a person means not only to cure the infected part but it also means to relax their mind and mental pressures. It promotes in entire revitalization of the body post the treatment.

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