Yoga – The Balancing Act

The Balancing Act of Yoga

For many people yoga is spiritual and for many it is physical. But for many it is just discovering self, to discover your own limits, to experience the is just a stage of being one. The most important aspect that has come to me in realization is to be an observer.

Being an observer gives both your mind and body the freedom to experience the beyond. Beyond lies the inspiration to explore self .Self doesn’t mean I or me it is we collectively. We heard the story in childhood of a woodcutter who gives his children stick to break and they easily crack it. But when we get all sticks together no one can break them. Same way we have our powers unexplored, we don’t know what we have how we can use them how we can shield them.


Once you know your strengths and weakness, your capability, abilities .You can create what you want.


In this course we have given more priority to get these unexplored areas into focus. We want each one to explore ‘ourself’.


Practice and study of yoga is a medium. It takes your body and mind away from your daily routine. In easy words where you need to bend your mind you use your body and where you want to bend your body you use your mind.


200 hour teacher training course or as I call it advance Hatha yoga teacher training course is a strong platform in itself. Our teachers guide students on this path and show them the right direction and their experience gives every student the knowledge to learn and explore the divine energy. The students learn to look at life in a totally different way where they learn to influence the well being of human race.


Our aim is “yoga” and our objective to practice yoga is to be physically fit, mentally strong, emotionally balanced and spiritually enhanced.


Om Namah Shivaya

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