Yoga Retreat India

Yoga Retreat India and holidays with Shiva Shakti Yoga are a great way to discover and explore the sphere of Yoga and experience yogic bliss in surrounding of serene nature.

With growing stress full life, yoga has become a boon as a lifestyle for good health. Traditionally in India yoga is practiced to attain self realization, a way to get into meditative practices. Yoga has been a treasure of India for years.

In recent times it has become more popular in west. Today with its growing popularity a lot of yoga seekers come to India to take the path of yoga.

Yoga Retreat India are just a entry to give the introduction to this divine art of yoga. Hatha yoga the traditional form which is practiced consists of yoga asana, pranayama, meditation techniques and Mantra sadhana.

At Shiva Shakti Yoga Retreat India we give an experience to the yoga seeker of self realization. It’s a journey that starts from physical aspects of yoga and take you deeper in to yourself. We are currently conducting retreat in India at various locations Goa and in Koyna.

Shiva Shakti Yoga conducts luxurious yoga retreats in Koyna India & beach side yoga holiday in Goa India to give participants the experience of yogic lifestyle and how one can adopt this in daily life. One can adopt this practice in their daily schedule to live a health and stress free life.

  • Asana – Physical practice of postures
  • Pranayama – breathing technique to create life force energy
  • Meditation – To concentrate on self to emerge in universal consciences

We conduct Yoga Retreat India at different locations