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Shiva Shakti Yoga School in India

The School of Thought - Traditional Yoga School in Rishikesh & Goa

Shiva Shakti Yoga – An India based Classical Hatha Yoga Teacher Training School India (Yoga Alliance RYS). Our Foundation and Advanced Yoga Teacher Training programs have transformed more than 400 lives and have shaped professional Yoga Teachers.

Shala is a place wherein exchange of knowledge takes place. In a shala the duality of a receiver (student) and a giver (teacher) remains throughout the process of learning. Yog Shala on the other is a sacred space where the students present themselves as Seekers and the teacher appears in the form of Guru to share the Knowledge of Yoga and Experience the Self to be Infinite. In the sacred space of Yoga Shala there the seeker and the guru experience communion rather than communication.

Guru – The one who Guides

Learn From Real Yogis

It is in this space that the guru empowers the seeker not only through ‘articulated talk’ (vaikhari vani) but also through ‘the sound of heart’ (madhyama vani), ‘sound that is perceived only by internal vision’ (pashyanti vani) which is normally known to the yogis of high order and the ‘voice of divine’ (para vani). In the environment of the Yoga Shala there is a possibility that the seekers transcend themselves to the state of a mumukshu – the one who is the ideal seeker and thirsty for the knowledge of ultimate truth.

Transformation at Shiva Shakti Yoga Shala

Shiva Shakti Yoga School - Transforming Lives

The energies of the yoga shala are such that during the process of the Teacher Training Course or by the end of it the guru and the seeker are bound to experience themselves not as two but as one being. To ensure that the energies of the yog shala are pure and from higher dimensions various ritual (homa and havana) are performed in the yoga shala space from time to time.

The seeker can experience the same warmth, care, protection and love in the yoga shala as a child can experience in the mother’s womb. In the environment of yoga shala the practice of the seeker will be nurtured and will gain a progressive trajectory.

We invite all the seekers to experience the divinity of yoga shala with us.