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Yoga Teacher Benu

Benuji is one among this modern spiritual aspirant who was born and raised in the south Indian state of Kerala.
He traveled with many monks and yogis and studied the field of yoga, spirituality, and Vedanta for more than 20 years.
After high school, he completed his bachelors in science and choose Medical science in his post-graduation. After the completion of his studies he worked in a Florida based MNC for some time but due to an inclination towards more deeper philosophy and experience, he started to travel to the Himalayas a journey from southern tip Kanyakumari to northern tip Kedarnath experiencing the heritage of India.
He started to practice meditation and Japa yoga from 1991 without any guidance from outside.
The books that changed his life was THE LIFE DIVINE and SAVITHRI two major classics of yoga written by great master SRI AUROBINDO.

Presently he is conducting yoga classes and retreats in Indian traditional way to share the basic knowledge to those who are new in this path.
His 20 years of knowledge acquired through sources like reading holy books, attending spiritual discourses, association with monks, traveling to holy places, attending conferences, taking yoga courses, teaching yoga, and self-meditation is now sharing and nourishing us all through yoga classes.