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BEST Yoga Teacher Training Goa India - 2020 - 2021

Best Yoga Teacher Training Goa, Patnem Beach - Sun, Sand, Sea and Spirituality

Why Shiva Shakti Yoga School?

We are conducting Tantra Yoga Teacher Training, 200-hours, 300-hours and 500-hours Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Programs that follow the Yoga Alliance framework.

We also conduct specialised Yoga & Meditation Retreats in Goa. Beach side yoga holidays to enjoy the holiday time with the family. We also designed a special new year yoga retreat.

We welcome you to join Ayurveda and Meditation Teacher Training Course (60 Hours) a specially designed 7 nights 8 days Ayurveda & Meditation Retreat, Goa India

Chose your Yoga Courses in Goa

Shiva Shakti Yoga Conducts Ultimate Beginner to Advanced Yoga Courses in Goa

The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa, India Foundation Program (Yoga Alliance RYT), Get ready to board the journey of your spiritual evolution. Situated in South Goa (India), Shiva Shakti Yoga TTC Goa has a beautiful and cozy yoga training center in the vicinity of exotic beaches.

The 300 hours residential Hatha and Ashtanga Teacher Training Course is Yoga Alliance USA, and Yoga Alliance International certified course. It is an advanced course only for the students who have completed their 200 Hours Teacher Training Course.

To Being a Yogi, the 500 Hour Teacher Training Course is for the students who are super dedicated and super exited about their yoga journey. It is an experience of a lifetime that leads to realizing higher spiritual dimensions as well as leading students towards a successful practice as a Professional Yoga Teacher.

Goa is a state in Western India. The coastline is along the Arabian Sea and boasts few of the most exotic and pristine beaches in the World. Goa is visited by a large number of International Tourists each year to attend Yoga TTC and for its white sand beaches, places of worship, world heritage architecture, nightlife and the cultural diversity it has on offer.

The sea or the ocean has great significance as per ancient spiritual texts. The legend is during the churning of the sea known as ‘samudra manthan’ amruta meaning the nectar of immortality was derived. The hatha and ashtanga vinyasa yoga teacher training course in many ways is the churning that the students shall experience and they too shall derive the nectar of immortality – the true knowledge of self.

If the students to attend the Yoga TTC are aware and open the Sea by its mere presence creates energies that are a blessing for yoga enthusiasts, yoga lovers, yoga professionals and spiritual seekers. Learning yoga in Goa is an experience of a lifetime and one that should not be missed our advance courses of 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa. and 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa.

Yoga Teacher Training Goa Reviews

Our Past Certified Students of Goa yoga teacher training, 2020

"In Shiva Shakti the teaching is completely authentic" - Chris (200 Hr Yoga TTC)

"An incredible.. journey, We feel so blessed..." - Jack & Julia (Tantra Yoga TTC)

"such an amazing experience, will come back again" - Svenja (500 Hr + Ayurveda TTC)

Best Yoga School in Goa - Facilities at Shiva Shakti Yoga, Goa

Located on the Patnem Beach it is a well designed property spread over 9000 sq mtr of land

Accommodation, Food & AMENITIES of Yoga TTC Goa

Experience the comfort and warmth of Indian Hospitality

Beach Side Private & Shared Cottages

  • Shiva Shakti Yoga School is located at the Patnem Beach, South Goa.
  • The school is a beautiful property located on the beach overlooking the majestic Arabian Sea.
  • Equipped with all the necessary amenities the resort boasts cozy cottages, a kitchen, a restaurant, a dining area for students and 3 yoga shalas.
  • Our center is a private premises with secured surrounding.
  • All the beach cottages have mosquito nets and a attached toilet.
  • We have 3 Yoga Shalas for different courses conducted at our center.

Food & Amenities of Yoga Teacher Training Goa

  • We serve 3 wholesome vegetarian meals (Indian cuisine) - Excluding Holidays
  • Laundry Services are available at the center at reasonable charges.
  • Drinking water is available for free for the students.
  • There is an Ayruvedic doctor and a massage center.
  • Free WiFi

Booking Process of Yoga Teacher Training India Goa

Simply follow the steps to book your seat

Click to Apply for Yoga Teacher Training India Goa
1. Click on APPLY TODAY
Click below APPLY TODAY
Apply Online for Yoga TTC Goa
Select Location, Date & Package and then fill up an application form
Confirm your seat for 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa
After review, an email will confirm your application
Pay deposit for Yoga TTC Courses
Pay €400 deposit to confirm your booking

Easy Registration Process

Yoga Teacher Training Application Process & Refind Policy

Yoga TTC Goa

Shiva Shakti Yoga Conducts Ultimate Beginner to Advanced Yoga TTC in Goa

200 Hr. Yoga TTC Goa, India

The TRANSFORMING 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Goa top on the beautiful Patnem Beach.

  • Excited about being a Professional Yoga Teacher and pursue a career of Teaching Yoga Internationally
  • Wanting to deepen my Yoga Practice and the knowledge of Yogic Ways
  • Passionate about learning Yoga and being a messenger of Good Physical Health, Emotional Health, Love, Peace and Harmony
  • Seeking Transformation and the experience of Self Realization
  • In Love with Yoga and super excited to learn its mystic ways
Read more >> 200 Yoga TTC

300 Hr. Yoga TTC Goa, India

Join the TRADITIONAL 300hr Yoga TTC Goa India - leads to instant spiritual awakening.

  • Devoted towards enhancement of my Yogic Journey
  • Dedicated towards improving, deepening and perfecting my Yoga practice
  • Eager to advance in my learning which will help me become a more complete teacher
  • Seeking to experience higher and deeper levels of human consciousness that Yogic Ways have to offer
  • Excited about expanding my horizons as a Yoga Teacher and strengthen my status as a Professional Yoga Teacher
Read more >> 300 Yoga TTC

500 Hr. Yoga TTC Goa, India

The 500hr Yoga Teacher Training Goa Explore the Higher and Deeper Dimensions of Yoga and Yogic Ways

  • Committed to my Yogic Journey and my Yoga Dreams
  • Wanting to deepen, enhance my existing personal Yoga practice and explore the realm of being a Professional Yoga Teacher
  • Excited about the possibility of being a Professional Yoga Teacher and being able to establish an International Career in the field of Yoga
  • Eager to learn Philosophy, Meditation, Anatomy, Pranayama which are important part of a Yoga Teachers repertoire along with the knowledge of Yoga Asana
Read more >> 500 Yoga TTC

Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Goa, India

200hr Yoga Alliance® USA Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course 2020 - 2021

  • Knowledge of the energies
  • In-depth Knowledge of Techniques of healing and mediation
  • Awareness of self
  • Exploring life force energy through asana
Read more Tantra TTC

Ayurveda & Meditation TTC Goa, India

The Ayurveda & Meditation Retreat Goa, India Ayurveda and Meditation Teacher Training Course 60 Hours

  • Learn and deepen your practice in wellness with Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation
  • Learn to heal the body with natural elements
  • Learning Ayurveda and Yoga and be a messenger of Good Physical Health, Emotional Health, Love, Peace and Harmony
  • Learn from the masters
  • Enjoy your course at the beach resort at patnem beach and experience the tranquility
Read more >> Ayurveda TTC

Yoga Teacher Training Goa Reviews

Our Past Certified Students of Goa yoga teacher training - 2020

Yoga TTC Goa Reviews

Yoga Teacher Training FAQs

Frequently asked Yoga Teacher Training Questions

Q: What is the location of your yoga school?

Shiva Shakti Yoga School is located in Goa, India. Right top on Beautifuk Patnem Beach.

Q: I am a beginner in yoga. Do I have to be an advanced practitioner to join the 200hr course?

Ans: Any level of practitioner can able to join the course so even if you are a beginner you can able to join the course. 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training is a beginner course and after successful certification, you become a 200 Hours certified teacher.

Q: I don’t plan to be a teacher, is that ok?

Ans: Not every students register to teacher training to become a teacher. Some students end up changing their mind during or end of the course and decide to teach but it really doesn't matter. If you dont plan to teach.

Q: What style of yoga will I be learning?

Ans:We are traditional yoga school & believe and taught traditional form of yoga. Our goal is to give you the most comprehensive training we can.

You will encounter these styles in our Yoga Teacher Training:

  • Traditional HATHA Yoga
  • Ashtanga & Vinyasa Yoga
  • Karma Yoga
  • Bhakti Yoga
  • Mantra Yoga
  • Raja Yoga

Q: Will I be qualified to teach when I graduate?

Ans: Yes, on successful completion of the course you will be able to teach. You must be responsible for checking your countries requirements regarding insurance, registration etc. Students who pass the course–by attending all the classes and completing the homework– receive certificates of course completion and can start teaching. It is recommended that they apply for Yoga Alliance certification as well.

Q: What is Shiva Shakti Yoga School teacher training certification?

Ans: The certification of Shiva Shakti Yoga School training programs are recognised with Yoga Allaince USA.

Q: Will my certificate recognise to teach internationally?

Ans: Yes, this certificate is valid to teach internationally anywhere in world.

Q: Do I have to be a physically advanced practitioner to join the 300hr course? What is the criteria?

Ans: 300 Hours is an advance yoga course. If you are already a teacher and teaching yoga you should join this course. To apply for 300 Hours Yoga TTC you should be 200 hours certified teacher.

Q: What is the course syllabus and Daily Schedule?

Q: I am traveling to India for the first time. What do I need to know?

Ans: After sucessful registration you will received the contact information of the admin department they will be touch based with further assistance.

Q: What is the course duration? & Will I have free time and holidays between the course?

  • 200 Hours Course - 22 nights and 23 days.
  • 300 Hours Course - 28 nights and 29 days.
  • 500 Hours Course - 50 nights and 51 days.
  • Every 7th day of the course is a holiday.

Q: What is the maximum intake of students in each batch of TTC?

The maximum intake of students in one batch is 12 to 15. Shiva Shakti Yoga teacher trainings take small groups so we can focus on each and every studnt.

Q: I did my RYS 200 hours yoga training programme from another school. Can I do my RYS 300 from Shiva Shakyo Yoga School?

YES, You can. Email your 200 Hours certificate.

Q: Who is eligible to join the course?

  • Yoga is for one and all; hence we invite each and everyone who wishes to be a part of this blissful journey of 200 hours Teacher Training Course
  • The course is open for beginners as well as for seekers who have been practicing yoga for a while and fall under the advanced category

Q: Do you have Wi-Fi Internet?

YES, we do have it. Occasionally bad weather disrupts it..

Q: What is the Payment Method?

  • All payments to be transferred to Shiva Shakti Yoga Pvt Ltd through bank transfer.
  • We suggest you to use which is a easy,safe and hassle free online payment mode with minimum charges (suggested to us by our students)
  • If you are doing a bank transfer from your bank please mail us the TT copy

Q: If I wish to talk to someone whom do I speak to?

  • Direct Mobile or whatsapp: +917757024412 / +919823058089
  • SkypeID: shivashaktiyoga
  • email:

Q: Which type of Examination & Attendence?

  • Examination will be based on written as well as practicals
  • 95% of attendance is mandatory to be applicable for certification


  • Consumption of Alcohol or Smoking or Use of Any Banned Substance or In-disciplined Behavior with Teachers or Fellow Students shall result in immediate rustication from the course without any refund.

Refund Policy

  • Advane Fee or Course fee is non transferable and non refundable.
  • In case of any cancellation course can re schedule your admission to any TTC within 1 year of registration.
  • For reschedule of the course latest courses price will be applicable